Apple Mail Moving Messages Stuck: Fix Mac Mail Error


Apple Mail is an email client which is also known as Mac Mail. It provides various advanced features and become one of the most widely used email clients for almost all Mac users. But, if the user is having a large mailbox using from past years they may face some peculiar problems. These problems occur with messages, searching irregularities, content errors, etc. These issues are of distinct types. Some of them are unusual slow behavior when performing the search in the mailbox, just general email content problem, sometimes message open blank, incomplete or corrupted.

Like this, there are more issues/errors which occur while working on emails. One among them is “Apple mail moving messages stuck” that occur while moving messages to the mailbox (null). This error occurs while configuring IMAP email accounts from hosting providers such as Bluehost, GoDaddy. Let us understand the Apple Mail null error more clearly by user query-

Usery Query

“When I delete a message, I get the following error: "An error occurred while moving messages to mailbox “(null)”." What's more, the message does delete, but it doesn't end up in the trash, or anywhere for that matter - it's lost forever. Anybody know a fix? “

Root Causes For the Error while Moving Messages to Mailbox

Some possible reasons due to which users are finding error i.e. Apple Mail Moving Messages Stuck are as follows-

  • Apple Mail is not synchronized properly.
  • When a user having a giant mailbox that has been in use fro many years & the size of the mailbox is increased.
  • When the folders for the draft, junk, trash, sent mails are not assigned & the user is transferring the mails.

Manual Solutions to Resolve Apple mail moving messages stuck

Solution#1 Fix IMAP Email Account

To Fix Mac OS Sirrea Apple Mail Moving Message Error there are some steps:

  • Open Mail App
  • Go to Mail tab >> Preferences
  • In preferences select Accounts tab, then choose Appropriate mail account
  • Click on Server Settings button & then go to Advanced IMAP Settings
  • Enter Inbox in the IMAP Path Prefix text box
  • Now click on Mailbox Behaviors & select the Inbox sub folder for the mailbox.

Now your account is free from Apple mail null error & you can move your Mac Mail messages easily. By using above described steps users IMAP email account function properly.

Solution #2 Rebuild the Mailbox

To Fix this Moving Messages Mac Mail Error for Mac OS X here are the steps: For solving Apple mail moving messages stuck error user needs to rebuild the mailbox. So the steps are:

  • Start Apple Mail App
  • Go to menu Mailbox tab >> Rebuild.

This process will take some time to complete. Basically, it totally depends on how many mails you have in Inbox or Sent.

Solution #3 Repair & Reindex All Messages in Mac OS X Mail App

The user gets a message after following above steps that the mailbox must be repaired but you have to do it manually. So, the steps are:

  • Get out of the mail app & go to the Finder
  • Hit the command+shift+g & go to the path: ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/
  • Delete all the files that begin with Envelope Index (Also take a backup of these files before deleting)
  • Close the MailData Window & then Relaunch the Mail App to force re-indexing.

These solutions will help the user to fix the issues of Apple mail moving messages stuck. But, sometimes user want to migrate mailbox items to Microsoft Outlook so that their mails can be managed easily.

“I am working on Mac as well as Mac Outlook since ages. I want to extract emails from Apple Mail and store them into Microsoft Outlook. So that I can work offline and access information even the internet connection is weak or unavailable. I searched day and night for the solution but could not find best one. Can anyone help me to overcome this issue."

If the user wants to transfer MBOX files to Microsoft Outlook they can use Apple Mail to Outlook converter.This software easily migrates mailbox items to Outlook without any interruption.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, Mac Mail error occurred while moving messages mailbox this can be due to various reasons. Hence, in this this article we have covered all possible root causes due to which the user face Apple Mail Moving Messages Stuck. Moreover, for the resolution of error, we also provide manual tricks. By using these solutions user can easily resolve Mac Mail Error.