Email Fix

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Emailfix is an email-error solution website that deals with errors that exist when a user is accessing electronic mail services upon desktop-based email applications like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, etc. We help customers to fix the problem or error that occurs during mailing process. The focus is on giving users a solution to debug the problem so that they do not require any technical expertise to solve their problem. We develop the powerful solution needed for resolving the complex errors that email clients face.


We aim at all types of email clients (whether business mail client or personal mail client) providing them an easy solution to deal with errors that occur in desktop-based email applications. We provide users with innovative methods and solution that enhance efficiency of the lives of millions of computers users around the globe.

Our Vision

We keep the track of latest errors occurring and working upon them to update email clients with such issues along with their solutions. Our mission and vision both is to remain pioneers, which we are, for resolving desktop based client errors of any intensity level. The methods offer convenience along with the maintenance of data integrity. Our objective always has been to deliver a foolproof solution for miscellaneous errors.

Our Specialization

Our power is in the resolution that we render for debugging the email client errors related to any platform. We cling to providing unique specialization of fixing general issues that users encounter on a regular basis. Using our solution has been the choice of numerous users across the globe.

Why EmailFix?

We are specialized in providing easy to use and super-efficient solutions to users. Since the idea behind providing this solution is to solve email client based errors related to any kind of platform like Outlook, Thunderbird, IBM Notes, etc., therefore, our service provides users with the solution to fix such errors. It provides risk management solutions in the most proficient and user-friendly way to ensure business continuity. We comprehend the user and hence guide them with the right solution according to their requirements.