How to Fix Mac Outlook 2011 identity Cannot Opened Error

mac outlook 2011 identity cannot opened

MS Outlook is a widely used email client which is not only used in Windows OS but also in Macintosh Operating system. Outlook 2011 for Mac is specially designed for MAC operating system. However, sometimes user encounters error "Identity Could Not be Opened With this Version of Outlook" due to some internal issues while accessing Outlook 2011 for MAC. In this article we will discuss the reasons behind this issue and available resolution for the problem.

Reason Behind The Issue of Mac Outlook 2011 Identity Cannot Opened

Identities play very major role for effective management of user's accounts. These identities are responsible for storing emails, calendars, contacts, tasks. Identities are automatically installed in along with the Office and managed under MS Database utility. These identities are stored in following location: users get this error, when they are unable to access these identities. This will happen when user have re-installed Outlook for Mac.

When user having the admin rights launches Outlook 2011, generally gets this error message "Identity Could Not be Opened With this Version of Outlook". This will start happening, if the user uninstalls or deletes a copy of Mac office 2011 by just dragging all it's application icons to the trash. And, then try to reinstall the version MAC Office 2011 application in a machine without installing it's latest updates.

Rectifying Error: Identity Could Not be Opened With this Version of Outlook

Users can rectify this problem in three modules:

  • STEP 1 :- Download The Recent Updates Of Office:

    By downloading latest Office updates user can resolve this issue, as this error occurs due to the conflict in the version of office and it’s database. Therefore, by downloading and installing the latest updated version according to Office for Mac, user can avoid this situation. User can follow the given steps to update office for Mac 2011:

    1. Open Office for Mac 2011
    2. Click on Help menu to check for updates
    3. Select “How would you like to check for software updates?” option and
    4. Click Automatically
    5. Select and check for updates

    When user enables the AutoUpdate option, this will keeps users updated about recent updates. After updating the Office, if the same problem persists then user can go for following resolution.

  • STEP 2 :- Close Outlook Program
    • Go to the Apple menu, select Force Quit option
    • Select the needed program in the “Force Quit Applications” window. User cannot close Finder
    • Click Force Quit
    • User can repeat the same procedure until all active programs are not closed

    However, the Force Quit option will close the all selected programs without saving the unsaved changes.

  • STEP 3 :-Move All Outlook Identities
    • After closing all active applications
    • Open Go and click on Home
    • Now open Documents, and open Microsoft User Data
    • And drag Office 2011 Identities folder to desktop
    • Open Outlook for Mac program

    If user able to access Outlook without any problem, in that case user can move Office 2011 identities to Microsoft User Data folder and can try to rebuild the identity database. This method would really helps users in resolving the issue.


When user reinstall Outlook for Mac, it may sometimes causes difficulty in accessing the identities that cause the error message “Identity Could Not be Opened With this Version of Outlook”, in order to remove this error, user can follow the above mentioned solution for accessing Outlook for Mac 2011 without any issue.

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