Outlook Crashes in Safe Mode by mspst32.dll

outlook crash

Outlook (MS Outlook) is a desktop-based application, developed by Microsoft in 1996, providing Email facility to clients with an additional feature of personal information management. Many versions have been developed while the latest updated version is Outlook 2016.

MS Outlook stores the account data in the form of PST File (i.e., Personal Storage Table file) with an extension of .pst, which is a binary type file stored at a default path.

Manual Solutions to Outlook Safe Mode Crash

Mspst32.dll is a configuration file of Microsoft Outlook that helps users to access and use Microsoft Outlook easily.
By default, the location of this file is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

The Problem

At the time when user start Outlook, then the application directly crashes and to overcome the problem if user starts the Outlook in Safe Mode then also it crashes.

Moreover, if Mspst32.dll file gets corrupted or missing then following errors occurs:

  • Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
  • Application Name: Outlook.exe
  • Fault Module Name: mspst32.dll

Causes of the Problem

If mspst32.dll file (or, .dll file) is corrupted or damaged, then the user will have to face problem and be unable to access the client in safe mode. Now following are some causes due to which users have to face such issues:

  • Over Sizing PST Data File - Outlook provides facility to create copies of .pst file allowing user to make use of such copies for different purposes. Now these copies may lead to developing oversized PST file.
  • Mspst32.dll Missing/Deleted - Due to some reasons, the mspst32.dll file may get deleted or missing which leads to errors at the time of accessing Outlook.
  • System Registry Corruption - The registry files of the system get corrupted or damaged which disables the functioning of inbuilt files.
  • Improper Software Installation - If the software is not installed properly then the configuration file may not be present thus, leading to improper working of the application.
  • Improper Outlook Shut Down - Sometimes Outlook user terminates the Outlook in an improper manner leading to corruption in files or some technical issue will cause the problem
  • PST Files Extremely Corrupted - The Outlook PST file is highly corrupted due to virus in system or improper memory management

Solutions to Deal with Outlook crashes in safe mode

Well here are some DIY solutions to cope with Outlook safe mode crash

Since we know that one of the causes for Outlook crash is a corrupt PST file then for fixing the issue the PST files needs to be scanned using scanpst.exe
If the above solution does not work then, perform following steps:
  • Close Outlook, if application is open or running in the background
  • Open the mspst32.dll file location (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14) and search for scanpst.exe
  • Then, rename mspst32.dll to .old
  • Now start Outlook again. Upon startup it might go through the repair process first and recreate mspst32.dll at the correct path
To fix the issue manually, another solution is by fixing mspst32.dll error by performing the following steps:
  • Below the All Programs list, type System Restore in the search bar.
  • In the new window displaying, select ‘Restore my computer to an earlier date’ option and then click on Next button.
  • Select the most recent System Restore Point from the list and then click Next.
  • Click Next on the upcoming window. This will start up the procedure.
  • Your computer will restart automatically and the process will now finish.

However, there is a point you need to remember while implementing this solution and that is it can only be used when the system operator has created restore points earlier in time for their system.

Alternative- Outlook mspst32 dll Crash

If none of the above-mentioned solutions is resolving the problem in your case, then you may have to create a New mail profile.

However, such type of trouble occurs when Outlook PST files are corrupted or damaged so your first priority should be to recover those files by any means.


Hence these DIY methods are hereby helps user to resolve the issue "Crashes in Safe Mode by mspst32.dll". The methods are simple and can be performed by any non-technical user also. Moreover, there are alternative solutions provided to resolve the error so that user can perform the fixture more easily by picking up most suitable solution of his own choice.