Starting Outlook in Safe Mode

safe mode

Outlook if is a most used desktop based email client in one side but in another side Outlook often troubles user by popping up some minor but problematic issues.

These issues, errors of Outlook are sometime generated by server settings misconfiguration or sometime by its in-built malfunctioning & syncing with web.

Outlook desktop and Outlook web both email clients are developed and supported by Microsoft. Hence it’s their duty to make Outlook more precise and reliable by troubleshooting the minor/major errors. But it is not always the developers to get blamed for application’s malfunction.

Why not always Microsoft?

As now I made it clear that all we need is Microsoft’s tech support and should wait till we get their tech support for our Outlook misbehaving & errors. Is it so?

Well actually, not always it is in-built malfunctioning, sometime user modified or changed the Outlook critical settings which are prohibited to change. As user did it unintentionally, because who wants to make his/her Outlook erroneous.

So in spite of being blaming the developers for inbuilt malfunction or waiting for tech-support from Outlook’s developer, fix your Outlook by your own. This article will make you known to the common error of Outlook and its possible workaround.

General issue with Outlook

Outlook’s most common error generated is Outlook cannot get opened most of the time, always depicts some error message and if we again try to restart the application, it crashes.

I must tell you user’s most asked query – “I am having issue with Outlook. When I open my Outlook a suggestion came across in alert text that start outlook from run command to check in safe mode. Any suggestions how to troubleshoot my Outlook?

And if user is from corporate environment then run command is disabled as per the working environment policy. Well let me tell you that there are also other options to start Outlook in safe mode without run command.

How to Start Outlook in Safe Mode?

Now the solution for starting Outlook in safe mode comes in different methods. Read below for knowing the methods and how to apply those methods to start Outlook in safe mode.

  • Hold the CTRL key given n your keyboard when clicking the Outlook shortcut icon.
  • The system will auto detect that you are holding the CTRL key hence a screen will have generated in front of you asking for starting outlook in safe mode.

  • After clicking on YES, your Outlook starts in safe mode and hope your issue will then get resolved.
  • Note:- This option works on every Windows version and supports every Outlook version too.
  • Go to Search Box in start menu
  • Type outlook.exe /safe

  • This command will start your outlook in safe mode.
In windows 8: -
  • Go to Search Box
  • Type Outlook.exe /safe
  • You will automatically see the option "Outlook.exe /cleanreminders"
  • Click on the Option.

  • The option will let your Outlook to get start in safe mode.
  • Note: - In windows 8 in case you are confused about where the search box is, then just start typing and the search box will automatically show itself.

More methods to start Outlook in safe Mode

Well even if you have doubt then try these alternative methods

Method 4 - For windows 10 users

In windows 10: -

  • Go to the Search box in task bar.
  • Start typing outlook.exe /safe mode
  • You will be provided with options shown in the screen.
  • Hence, above options will let you to start Outlook in safe mode.

Note: - if you can’t find any search box there, then simply start tying it will automatically show.

Method 5 - Create a shortcut

You can also create a new Outlook shortcut and add a /safe switch to it. Let me tell you the steps of How to create Outlook.exe /safe shortcut?

  • 32-bit version
    • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
  • 64-bit version
    • C:\Program Files (x86) \Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Now, as you have found out the source location of Outlook.exe then now follows these steps undermentioned to create Outlook safe mode shortcut so that you will no longer face the issue regarding Outlook safe mode.

  • Right click on your desktop screen.
  • Choose the option New > shortcut.
  • Type the location or you can browse it directly.
  • Add a space “ ” and type /safe after the location. you can see in the screen how it should be look like.

  • Click Next.
  • Type a name for this shortcut a s per your wish. Here by default it is OUTLOOK.EXE

  • Click on Finish
  • You can see the Outlook shortcut in your desktop.
  • Click on the shortcut to start Outlook in safe mode.


Starting Outlook in safe mode is not that quite difficult without run command. You can now easily start Outlook in safe mode by using any of the methods mentioned above. This will resolve your issue.