Restore Corrupt PST File up to 32GB when the File Gets Infected by Viruses

Restore Corrupt PST File up to 32GB

One of the commonly faced issues by Microsoft Outlook users is corrupt PST file. Maximum times Virus and the spyware codes are among prominent reasons for corruption in PST files. In addition to it, MS Outlook PST file also damages because of crossing 2 GB storage limit, hardware malfunctioning, unexpected shutdown of MS Windows, crash of MS office application, and many other.

PST File Corruption Errors

PST files comprise of the most valuable data of Outlook profile. Users can not access their Outlook mailbox once PST file gets damaged. Corrupt PST file makes the users restricted in case they want to access their mailbox folders. The infected PST file even displays a message of warning showing error. Few the encountered errors are depicted below:

  • An Unexpected error prevented the access to file. Use ScanDisk option to check errors and then make use of Inbox Repair Tool.
  • MS Outlook PST file cannot be accessed
  • Unable to Preview the folder
  • File abc.pst cannot be accessed
  • PST files have reached maximum file size limit
  • Access denied for an PST File

Resolve PST File Corruption

There are many ways through which a corrupted PST file can be recovered. All anyone needs to do is to analyze the main root cause of the corrupt PST files. Afterward, users can make use of any email recovery option. If a PST file shows an error message, it means it has crossed the file size limit of Outlook. All users need to do is to free the storage space from a large PST file. Follow the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot the PST file corruption problem.

Case 1 Oversized PST file

  • Open the MS Outlook Profile
  • Click on Tools >> Account Settings
  • Click on properties from account settings window
  • Select an oversized PST file
  • Click on properties option and click advance tab
  • Check Compress contents to save the disk space

Case 2 Virus or Spyware

If users Outlook profile is not accessible because of virus or any spyware intrusion, then all users need to do is scan infected PST files with any robust antivirus tool. Users can even make use of the scanpst.exe command. Using the command users can easily fix issues related to minor corruption. While using Outlook 2003 or 2007 in the system then scanpst.exe utility location is given below:

C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\Office 12\scanpst.exe

Repair Corrupted PST files

For repairing any infected PST files or any other PST file corruption issues follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select Scanpst.exe application
  • Select corrupt PST file and hit start
  • Click repair to repair corrupt PST file

One should store the repaired PST file again in MS Outlook profile to repair lost data. If a case emerges where PST file is highly damaged or is not repairable through built-in commands then opting for a professional tool would be the best option.

Corrupt PST File – Expert Solution

PST Recovery software is the best and robust solution to resolve the issues related to PST files. It efficiently recovers all the email from Outlook PST file. Damage in files occurs due to unexpected system shutdown, the virus attacks, and many other reasons. The best side of software is that it allows recovering the MS Outlook email and data from corrupted PST files.

The Final Note

Malware programs are major reasons behind the PST file corruption. Moreover, MS Outlook PST files also get destructed because of data storage restriction, corruption in hard disk, and many other reasons. Users can repair the virus infected, oversized, and many other files by built-in utilities but not the highly corrupted PST files. It needs an Expert Solution to recover such files.