Signature Won’t Save Because Of File Block Settings


MS Outlook has a feature that will add any customized signature automatically at the end of each message user sends. The user needs to create a signature and then set it as the default signature to make it attached with every message. This option is helpful, as the user does not to type contact information every time he/she sends the mail.

Sometimes, the user faces issue in saving signature because of changes in File Block settings. The blog will be discussing about the same issue and how can we restore the signature option in Outlook.

Error Encountered while saving Signature

The error is encountered when the Outlook user tries to create a new or edit the existing signature displaying the following error message-

"You are attempting to save a file type (Web Pages) that has been blocked by your File Block settings in the Trust Center"

This message comes with the instructions that can help in fixing the error. Users may find this error quite confusing as it actually comes from Signature Editor based on MS word but not from MS Outlook. To restore or resolve the save signature feature in Outlook we need to remove the file block settings.

Change File Block Settings to Save Signature

The user needs to remove the file block settings from web pages, RTF file, and Plain Text Files as MS Outlook saves the signature in these three formats. Steps to follow in order to restore the signature feature are as follows:

Launch MS Office Word
Go to the File Tab present in the top-left of the MS Word panel.
Click on Options button and a new window of word options will be opened. .
Click on “Trust Center” from the options given on left side.

After selecting Trust Center, click on Trust Center settings.

A new window of Trust center will be opened where user will change settings in File Block settings.
From the Trust Center window, select File Block Settings
Click on “Restore Defaults” or manually deselect both ‘open’ & ‘save’ checkboxes for Web Pages, RTF Files, and Plain Text Files.

When user cannot change File Block Settings

Changing the file block settings will not be possible if these settings are set by a Corporate Group Policy. If the settings are set by this way, user will not be able to follow the steps given to change the settings. In this scenario, user has option to create a new signature or edit the already existing signature directly in the Signatures folder.

Windows 7 and Vista

  • The location of the Signatures folder of MS Outlook is-
    • “C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures”

Windows XP

  • The location of the signatures folder of MS Outlook in Windows XP is-
    • “C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures”

One way to open this folder is to hold CTRL key when clicking on the Signatures Folder. In this situation, user needs to create a .txt, .htm and .rtf for each signature. User can create or edit these directly with the help of WordPad or Notepad without having to worry about the File block issue.


The blog has been aimed to resolve the issue in saving the signature in MS Outlook. Signature option is the feature in Outlook to make user write a personalized signature with the business contact information like Name, ID, designation etc. and can include the company logo. It saves unnecessary time taken to type the contact information if user needs to add signature in every message. Due to some modifications in File Block settings, user may face issue while trying to create a new signature or edit the existing signature in Outlook. The stepwise procedure that needs to be followed by Outlook user for changing the File Block settings is given in details. The blog also provides a way to restore signature option without involving the file block issue.