How to Extract AOL Emails, Contacts & Calendar

exract aol email

In today's world scenario, if we talking about the AOL (American Online) email client. This application is not in use as it was before. But the database of AOL i.e .pfc file is saved in user's machine. User's can't open that file without AOL and if they want to access that file without AOL they do not have any solution. Generally they struck with the need to extract AOL email, Contacts & Calendars from their PFC file or account.

User's usually wants to extract AOL emails and saved them in a conceivable file format that could be easily accessible in any condition. Some workarounds we are going to introduce in different ways for letting you know how to extract emails from AOL account along with rest of the account data.


However, the query that turns up is "How to Extract emails and contacts from AOL PFC file to any other File Format?". We can perform extraction procedure by two techniques. First is to follow manual step guide for data extraction and second one is by using some AOL email extractor. Both the procedures are mentioned below in brief:

Manual Method

The procedure includes the exportation of data by performing particular approaches in AOL account. We can extract AOL contacts or emails using the account settings of user's account. These type of technique allows us to extract data from AOL and save it for further usage.

Query – How to Extract AOL Emails Manually?

Well to handle such situation, there are further two manual techniques for extracting mails from AOL account manually. One way is by copying AOL Internet Mail to desktop and another technique is by importing mails into Gmail account.

  1. Retrieve Emails from AOL to Gmail Account:

    For importing emails, contacts & calendars of AOL email application to Gmail, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below:

    Copy all mails and other data that user want to extract from AOL mail Inbox, Sent items or Spam folders to AOL Mail’s Saved Mail folder (or another custom folder)
    Go to Gmail account and Click on the Gear Icon
    Select Settings, then Accounts and Import tab under setting window
    Click on Import mail and contacts

    Note: If you imported mails previously then click in Import from another address

    Now place your AOL email address in "What account do you want to import from?" And press down Continue button
    Enter the password of AOL account in the field and click on Continue button.
    Make sure you checked the check box of Import Contacts & Import Mail
    To extract emails you received at your AOL account automatically transferred to your Gmail Inbox for a month, Check Import new mail for next 30 days
    Optionally, tick Add label to all imported mail
    1. This label will let you easily locate all the imported AOL emails at one place. Users can always remove the label from particular message or delete it altogether. Imported contacts will not be label.
    2. The messages extracted from AOL Mail folders will automatically get label from which they derived. For an example: Mails extracted from Business folder will get Business label.
    3. Recently deleted, Spam and Drafts folder mail items will not be extracted from AOL.
    4. All the email data and contacts which is extracted from the AOL to Gmail will be still available in AOL Mail
    Now Hit on the Start Import and then OK
  2. 2. Copy AOL Mail Data to Desktop

    However, for copying the AOL Internet Mails onto the desktop you will have to perform following procedure:

    1. Enter Email and Password to login into your AOL Mail account
    2. Click on Read button for viewing your emails
    3. Double click on the mail that you want to copy on desktop
    4. At the bottom of email message window, Click on Save button
    5. Now select On My PC and choose the folder in PFC (Personal File Cabinet) to which user want to save a replica of mail message & Click OK

Limitations of Manual Method to Extract AOL Emails & Contacts

There are some loopholes to manually extract emails from AOL along with contacts & calendars. Let’s discuss some of them:

When talking about backing up of data it means that there are going to be numerous mails and contacts to be saved. Hence, saving or copying numerous files one by one is an irrelevant procedure for extraction.
The remedy requires a fast internet connection because if the net speed is slow then the process may terminate while performing the task.
The technique does not allow us to keep the backup of the conversation that held on IM (chat messenger in AOL) on your PC in any file format.
The process consumes a large amount of bandwidth at the time of exporting the mails or contacts.

Alternative Method to Extract AOL PFC Emails:

This strategy includes the usage of third party tool, which is designed with the vision to take the back up of AOL PFC data and archive them into local file formats like PST for Windows Outlook. One such experted application is AOL PFC Backup which works as PFC extractor and extract all emails along with contacts and export them into desktop based email applications like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Netscape, Windows Live Mail, etc.

AOL email backup or PFC extractor enables users with following supportive characteristics, overcoming all the limitations of Manual procedure:

Features of AOL PFC Extractor

Archive All Folders

The software save and extract all the mail folders like inbox, sent items, trash or other folders of user's profile.

Backup IM Chats

The software supports the backing up of Instant Messaging chat onto the hard disk of local machine.

Backup & Delete Mails

The tool provides us with an option of deleting the mails from AOL server after backing up the data. It is only enabled for email data and helping in freeing the storage space of account

Export in Multiple Format

User can extract contact from AOL to Outlook or any other format and extract email from AOL to PST, MSG, MBOX & EML file. While other applications can not backup data in PST.


Apart from above mentioned feature to extract AOL emails & Contacts, there exist many more features of PFC extractor applications providing for user convenience to backing up and saving their data without any trouble. Therefore, instead of using manual procedure go for third party application for archiving the AOL account data flawlessly within a few minutes and in just few steps.