Strategy to Extract Email from iPhone Backup

extract email from iPhone backup

Apple iCloud offers Apple users a storage space to back up the whole data of their iDevice for future usage. It provides 5 GB of free storage and up to 50 GB paid storage. An iCloud backup performs its function daily, when the iDevice is connected with Wi-Fi to internet. User can plugged into the power source, when user is forced to create a backup of data from the iDevice directly by following given steps:

  • Open settings on their iDevice
  • Go to iCloud option, select Storage and Backup
  • Click on Back Up Now button

Email From iPhone Backup

iCloud backups are saved in Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) clouds in encrypted form and it holds the encrypted key to use the data from iCloud backup. It always encloses the last 3 backups. iDevice backup all the notes, calendars, documents, app data, device settings, mail, call history, network settings and much more. However, many times users need to extract emails from iPhone backup. In the following session, we will be discussing the users need to extract email data from iPhone backup.

Reasons to Extract Email from iPhone Backup

There are various reasons due to which users need to extract the data. Sometimes, the data is deleted by the users accidentally, so they need to extract the required data from their backup. Even many times, the phone of user gets reset so if they need to particular data; they need to extract that data from the backup. However, they face a problem, as they do not know how to extract the specific data from iDevice backup.

Process to Perform Extraction of Data

There is a way, through which users can extract email from iPhone backup from iCloud as mentioned:

  • Moving Selected Email Message:- User can follow the following steps given below to move the messages from iCloud to your system.
    1. In OS X Mail, select Mailbox >> New Mailbox
    2. Choose “On My Mac” from the location menu, write a name for new mailbox, and click OK.
    3. From the list of mailboxes, choose your iCloud inbox and choose the messages to move.
    4. Now, drag the desired messages to new mailbox.
  • Copying the messages from iCloud:- User can easily create a copy of desired iCloud message on system and can follow the steps that are previously discussed and create a new mailbox and then, follow the mentioned steps:
    1. Choose the iCloud inbox from the list of mailbox in the sidebar and copy the required messages.
    2. Select the messages >> Copy to >> New Mailbox
  • Copy the Full Mailbox:- User can follow the steps, which creates a single MBOX file of iCloud mailbox. It includes every message and folder in the mailbox.
    1. Choose iCloud inbox from the list of mailboxes that are present in sidebar
    2. Select Mailbox and Export mailbox
    3. Select the desired folders for MBOX archives and then select to store the file.


In the above discussion, the reason for the extraction of data is discussed. Along with this, the process to extract email from iPhone backup is described. Various solutions are discussed to perform the extraction of data according to user’s requirement.