Learn How to Perform Excel to Outlook Conversion Manually

Excel to Outlook

Maximum times we are stuck with a problem where we need to convert Excel to Outlook contacts, calendar, and much more. Contact data, events of the users are stored in an Excel Workbook to fulfill their requirement such as formulas when a user has to create a large number of events. One can easily import Excel contacts to Outlook. One needs to name columns that hold data in any database. A user can use any name that he/she aspires to and then map it to Outlook field. In simple terms, we can say that a user needs to export data from MS Excel and then delete data from a spreadsheet and enter your new data. One also needs to name the range of cells used in MS Excel.

2 Ways to Perform Excel to Outlook Conversion

Save the MS Excel Spreadsheet

If one is trying to export data in a spreadsheet, save workbook using CSV format. It is the easiest method to migrate the workbook in a trouble-free manner. One should try using CSV format whenever required. Save worksheet as .csv and then close Excel.

If a user has created data in form of cells, that he/she does not want to import, make named range. For following purpose use following steps mentioned below:

1. Select data range that is used, write a name in the field shown on left of the address bar. Press Enter.

Note: Do include field name in the desired section.

2. Save the spreadsheet as an Excel 97-2003 file. Close Excel

Export Data from Excel to MS Outlook

1. Open MS Outlook to Import CSV File

2. Go to a File, check options of import/export

3. Select import property from file

4. Click on MS Excel as source file

5. Search for a spreadsheet file

6. Select any of the folders like calendar, contacts etc

7. Select a named range. If one needs to export in Excel to get names of a file, one is able to see the named ranges.

8. Select correct named range. One can also map his/her fields to MS Outlook field

9. Click on next button when ready and complete process of export

Note: One should keep following things in mind before performing the conversion manually:

1. Only Outlook 2013 file can be saved in .csv extension

2. MS Outlook 2007 uses .xlsx format while its earlier versions made use of .xls format

3. One can also export data of calendar either in .pst or any mailbox

4. If a user drops a file in a wrong field of Outlook, drop file again in the correct field. MS Outlook will itself remove it from the other field in which, file already exists

5. Use same steps for performing export of contacts, calendar, emails etc

Expert Solution to Convert Excel to Outlook Contacts

Despite being easy to convert Excel spreadsheet to Outlook distribution list, it serves many flaws like one gets to stick to a particular kind of file format. The users get confused over the type of file extensions. Moreover, one can only perform one conversion at a time which leads to time consumption. Henceforth, we provide users with a utility i.e. Excel to Outlook Converter which serves the following purposes, few of them is listed below:

1. Excel Contact to Outlook Converter performs conversion of files in batch

2. The utility serves one with configuring and saving contacts directly

3. One can easily load and preview saved data in Excel Spreadsheet

4. Using this tool, one can easily exclude the duplicate data in Excel

5. Software renders user with an option where he/she can create a distribution list for the contacts

The Bottom Line

With points mentioned above, users can easily import Excel data to Outlook manually. But, the process is very time-consuming. We, developers, respect time a lot because for us time is money and same implies for a customer. So, we have incarnated a tool namely Excel to Outlook Converter which will easily figure out things at one go.