Acquire Attachments from Outlook to Your PC

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What Is An Attachment?

Attachments are the additional files that are encased along with an email. It is possible to send or receive multiple files from sender to recipient and vice versa. These files can be document, media, or simply images.

An email consists of 2 sections namely: header section & body section.

Sections in Attachment

The header stores information like “to”, “from” and “subject” of the mail while the body includes the actual text content. This attachment file does not include in body section. Attachment is generally seen as a paper clip icon in the email below the header.

extract attachment from Outlook

Outlook 2010 has a limitation on sending files of up to 20 MB (Megabytes) size to an email account. This prevents uploading of large attachments, which exceed limitations for ISP (Internet Service Provider). If your attachment size increases, an error message will appear as “Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit”.

Why Do You Need To Extract Attachments From Outlook?

You might have come across a situation, where your company may have generated a maximum size limit for your mail account and you overreach these file limit. It’s a high time you start acquiring your attachments to your PC. The main reason to acquire attachments is that Outlook creates a PST file which allows a file limitation up to 20 GB in Outlook 2010 and 2013 (lesser in lower versions).If your file size exceeds beyond 20 GB, your PST File may get corrupt.

So it will be a smart way to reduce your file size by extracting all your attachments from MS Outlook PST File into your PC. Not only it reserve space in your PST file but also helps in quick access to attachments in times of need.

This method helps in saving your attachments precise and compact.

Manual Methods for Saving Attachments

  1. Open MS Outlook and search for the mails consisting of an attachment.
  2. Go to Search Tab > select “has attachment tab” (icon with paper clip)
  3. extract attachment

  4. You can see all the PST email with attachments
  5. You can find your attachment underneath the header section.
  6. The attachment file describes the file name, extension and the size of attachment
  7. Right Click the attachment file
  8. Choose “Save As” or “Save all Attachments” > Click on Ok
  9. Browse for the location where you want to save your data
  10. Click on Save
  11. You can then remove the email or just remove the attachment from the email by Right click on attachment > Remove Attachments
  12. save PST attachment

Limitations with Manual Method

The task is excessively tiresome, as it requires moving every single message with attachments into a separate folder in PC. Hence, this manual method is not efficient for extracting attachments from Outlook.

Consider a situation, where you have bulk mails with attachment. In this case, it is practically impossible to acquire and extract PST attachment individually within the mails. This can be very exhausting task for the user.

Automated Method For Extracting Outlook Attachments

According to my opinion, you must go for Outlook Attachment Extractor available online that can help you extract all the attachments from multiple PST files at once. This method is simple, time saving, and most importantly user-friendly.

You are just some clicks away from your destination. Have you ever thought of achieving something this easily? All you have to do is download software, browse your file and simply click on “Extract”. The Steps for Outlook Attachment Extraction are easy and less complex then the manual method


After much deliberation, I thought that instead of spending this much time and efforts in moving the attachments one could simply extract all the files at once using this Outlook attachment extractor.