Fix Microsoft Outlook Error “Cannot Read from the Source File or Disk”

cannot read from the source file

Are you facing this error “Cannot read from the source file or disk” and curious to know the method to rectify it? Do not worry; we have come up with an effective solution to fix this. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email clients from emailing point of view. It comes up with a wonderful features suite and can even work collaboratively with Exchange Server. Many organizations use it as their default email client.

However, its flexibility to work in all environments and with all the versions Windows makes it more prone to mishappening. This may include various things such as attack of virus, sudden shutdown of system, CRC errors, sudden failure of power and many more. As some of the reasons are impossible to avoid, therefore to keep the data secure users should be ready to face it.

Outcomes of Corruption in Microsoft Outlook

Unfortunately, when these types of corruptions issues arise one of the major or common result can be seen in the disorientation of Outlook PST files. After the corruption in PST file, it displays an error as “Cannot read from the source file or disk.” This is one of the common error users of Outlook. Nevertheless, it depends on the severity that the file is damaged either partially or completely.

Outlook PST “Cannot Read from the Source File or Disk”

This error is commonly occurs in 2003 & 2007 version of Outlook. It becomes impossible for users to access PST files during this error because its disengaged Microsoft Outlook server with PST data files. Therefore, whenever they try to access the file they encounter this error message.

Factors Responsible behind Corruption in PST files

There are some reasons that make the PST file corrupt and impossible to access such as:

  • Heavy attachments
  • Oversized PST file
  • Improper file extension
  • Compatibility issues
  • Virus infected files
  • Malicious tools

Method to Deal With the Error Manually

Considering all the above points, it is clear that users or the system administrator has to rectify the issue. Therefore, to fix it manually they can opt for inbox repair tool, which is also known as Scanpst. It is an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft. This is a reliable program to repair corruption in PST files. However, sometimes it becomes impossible to fix the issue with this. The reason behind this is that it is not efficient in resolving severe corruption issues. Therefore, users can go for a third party utility in such circumstances to repair highly damaged files.

Scanpst.exe fails to fix the issue: Outlook Recovery is the Solution

There are so many third party tools available on the online market, but it is important to choose a trustworthy utility as the security of the data is very important. SysTools Outlook Recovery is one such utility that has the potential to repair Outlook PST files without any data loss. It can even recover the permanently deleted Outlook files. The tool deals intelligently with corruption and can repair minor as well as major corruption issues. Some of the major features of the tool are:

  • It allows perfect data recovery
  • Maintained the integrity of data
  • Selective PST file extraction
  • There is no file size limitation
  • Repair file in some simple steps

Final Words

We cannot underestimate the increasing popularity of the Microsoft Outlook among its users. This has now become a primary platform for many organizations to maintain the business continuity. However, sometimes users may encounter errors like “Cannot read from the source file or disk” while accessing Outlook PST files. Therefore, in the above blog we have discussed the method to resolve the issue. We have also introduced an automated solution that is capable to repair PST files in almost no time.

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