How to Extract Emails from PST File without Outlook

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MS Outlook is one of the mostly used Desktop email client by several organizations for emailing service and using inbuilt MS Office applications that comes with Outlook. The entire data items associated with Outlook’s account including Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Notes etc. get stored in the proprietary storage PST file. Accessing the emails present in PST file is not practically possible without Outlook.

The blog will be explaining method through which we can extract emails from PST file without Outlook.

Need to Extract PST Emails without Outlook

The PST data file stands for Personal Storage Table file and it is created in Outlook Email Client for the each account configured with it. This file contains all the information related to Outlook profile such as Emails, Contacts, Task, Attachments, Calendar, Note, etc. Consider a situation where the user has emails and data items stored in an old PST file. MS Outlook has been uninstalled from the system, as it was no longer required by user. Unfortunately, the user realizes that he needs to access some important emails present in PST file.

The question arises whether there is any solution that allow user to extract the emails stored in PST data file without presence of Outlook Environment. Since there exists no manual method to extract PST file without Outlook, we can only use Third party solutions.

Extract Emails from PST file without Outlook

The only possible method to extract Email from PST file without Outlook is by using one of the third party tools like PST Viewer Pro. The Tool allow user to extract attachments from Outlook data file along with the emails without the need of MS Outlook installed in the system. The PST Email Extractor software imposes no size limitation on the size of the PST file.

It allows users to extract contacts from PST file independent of Outlook. The tool has unique feature to deal with corrupted Outlook file using Advance Scan option and extract emails or other items from it.

How to Extract Emails from PST File without Outlook?

Steps involved to extract Emails from PST file using PST Viewer Pro are as follows:

Launch Outlook PST Viewer Pro software in the system
Click on Add File Option to add the PST file from where emails needs to be extracted.


Browse the location of the PST file from the system and select it.


After clicking on Add File, a pop up will appear where user will select Yes to proceed.


Preview of all the Outlook Emails will be displayed after scan is completed


Each folder for emails, contacts, calendar, and other items can be previewed.


Select the desired Emails and click on Export to either extract all the emails to PDF File format or print each email items individually.


Limitation of Manual Procedure

As there is no manual procedure to extract emails from PST file without Outlook, the blog suggests users to avail one of the efficient third party tools like PST Viewer Pro that allows users to :-

  • Scan the PST file and,
  • Export all the desired emails or other items to PDF file format.
  • The PST Extractor Tool supports extraction of emails from both healthy as well as corrupted PST File.


The blog has been aimed to define a method to help users in extracting the emails and other Outlook items from the PST file without the installation of MS Outlook. The Utility recommended here is based on user's rating of excellence work. Hence you can use the reliable tool to extract emails from pst file without Outlook.