Learn Mixed Ways To Extract Images From Outlook Emails With Efficiency

extract image from outlook attachment

MS Outlook facilitates users to send the images to each other in embedded or in attached form. User may receive many emails that consist of embedded image instead of attached images, the level of difficulty saving embedded images much higher than saving attached images.

Sometimes it becomes very annoying for the users who want to save those embedded images quickly in their systems.

In this article, we will hash out the different methods to extract images from Outlook Mail

Outlook Image Attachment Extraction

Microsoft Outlook 2007 and prior version does not provide an easy and efficient way to save embedded image, when user makes attempt to save image by right click on image there is no option to save the image. Meanwhile, in Outlook 2010 and later version it is comparatively very easy to extract the images.

How to Extract Images from Outlook Email 2010 and Later Versions?

In newer versions of Outlook, it is very easy to save images whether they are attached or embedded. If the image is attached in the email as a separate file, then user can save the image by clicking on the attached file and selecting the Save As option. User can save the image in desired location when Save Attachment Window pops up on the system. If there are, multiple images attached then user can select the Save All Attachments option.

In case of embedded images that are present within the email body, user can extract the image by following given steps:

  • Open the email that consists the image
  • Click on embedded image attached in mail
  • Right click on the image and select the copy option
  • Paste the image at desired location

Extract Image for Earlier Version of Outlook (2002 and Previous)

In Outlook 2007 and prior version user may faces difficulty if images are embedded in the email. When user right click on image present in HTML email, the Save Picture As option is not present to save the image. For extracting Outlook image user can go for mentioned workaround:

  1. Firstly, Open the mail having the embedded image
  2. Right click on image
  3. Click Copy to save the image on other application
  4. Start any photo editing or imaging application
  5. Paste the image on it
  6. Click File
  7. Now the save the image using Save & Save As option

Alternatively, user can go for saving the email as HTML document

  1. User need to select the email &
  2. Click on Save As option
  3. Select the HTML format for saving the email file
  4. This will save one file and one folder at desired location of drive
  5. Inside saved folder user will find all the images that is present in email

Using Third Party Tool to Extract Images From Outlook

Use of a third party tool can be like the Outlook Attachment Extractor that allows user to extract all attachments from Outlook. The tool can also extract the images from multiple emails or PST files of any size and support all image file formats. In addition, it can work with all the versions of Outlook. User can opt this solution to extract images from Outlook attachment files in efficient way.