How to Extract Image to PDF – Why is it so important?

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This article is totally focused on the techniques how to extract image to PDF file. As we know, the Internet is only place where being visual and conspicuous is you need to catch up with the present trends. Internet is filled up with digital images either it be the web pages or the e-communities or even technological research & e-publishing.

There are wide number of image formats that are used as an intermediate for digital imaging, but undeniably the JPEG or JPG format is the most used image format in the present times, It is widely being used by individuals for intimate use and by professionals for business projects.

Though being used at a much higher frequency as compared to other image formats, the JPEG format has its own cons that arises the need to retrieve or extract jpeg images to other formats like PDF. But before knowing further on how to extract images to pdf, we must be familiar about the file formats of the images being used in the digital world.

The most common image formats used over the web are:

Why is it needed to extract image to pdf?

When we extract image to pdf , we have more advantages than storing an individual image in either of the formats mentioned. A PDF file stores the images on the hard drive in insignificant bytes as compared to when it is displayed by compressing the JPEG file to one tenth of its original size.

When printing a JPEG or PNG image, the print quality of the image depends on the pixel dimension of the image. What you get on the printed paper is not the same what you see on your screen, However, when using a PDF format to print the images, you will get what you see.

When the quality of the image becomes a priority, then it becomes mandatory to extract JPEG into a more accomplished and intrinsic format, thus most professionals prefer to extract image to PDF for publishing of the major advertisements and images.

Export PSD to PDF File

Most of the designers make use of the Adobe Photo-shop in order to work with their designs. Adobe Photoshop saves the project with .psd extension. It becomes difficult for designer to share their work as the PSD file needs Adobe Photoshop to be installed on the user's machine in order to open the PSD file. In this situation, the designer can export PSD to PDF which flattens the layers of the images in the PSD file and convert them into flat images. Exporting PSD to PDF enables the users to view the photoshop projects on their computer without having the need to install Adobe Photoshop.

To export PSD to PDF , you just need to use the Save as PDF option in the Adobe Photoshop. It also provide you with some Adobe PDF Presets in order to retain the quality and color of the images while exporting PSD to PDF.

How to Extract JPEG to PDF or PNG to PDF?

There are multiple ways to export jpeg to pdf or png to pdf. It can be done either manually on the Windows or Mac OS or by using third party conversion tools available over the internet. To extract image to pdf in Windows, the following steps are to be followed:


Exporting Image to PDF eliminates the disadvantage of using a JPEG or PNG file, making it easier to reuse the digital images. Thus depending upon your usage of the image files, its in best interest for you to extract image to pdf format in order to maintain the quality of the images.