Extract Saved Passwords from Web Browser – Windows and Apple OS

extract saved passwords from browser

You might have encountered a situation, where your browser request you to save the password. Users usually have the tendency to save their password, so they can simply access these password quickly in future without logging in again. You may assume that your passwords are buried deep within so you cannot access the passwords.

However with the assistance of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Macintosh Safari etc. You'll be able to simply extract web browser passwords. Here are few easy ways that will enable you to Extract saved password from browser.

The Story of my Life

I am a person who has to remember many passwords to carry on my work. I have been in a crucial situation where I had to urgently access my mail and I simply forgot my password. The feature Forgot my password provided by Google may be a bit prolonged, time consuming method in times of need. that's when I got a solution to extract saved password from browser

Failing to remember your security password is a matter of concern for nearly all the users. Even tech geeks can forget their passwords. Here are the easy ways through which you'll be able to extract saved password from browser in several platform.

How to Extract Saved Password from Google Chrome

  1. One way is to directly type: chrome://settings/passwords as URL in Chrome browser Only.
  2. OR The alternative way for doing so is mentioned in next step.
  3. Open your Google Chrome Browser and Select the Menu option From the top left corner of browser as shown below.
  4. extract saved password from google chrome

  5. Choose the Google Chrome Settings to extract password from Browser.
  6. Expand the Show Advanced Settings from the Settings options shown:
  7. saved password extract from web browser

  8. In Advanced settings, Select Manage Saved Password
  9. To Extract saved Password from Browser. Select the Show button as follows:
  10. show password

  11. Now you'll be able to merely copy the password to notepad for future use.
  12. show password

How to Extract Saved Password from Mozilla Firefox

You can also access the same feature to extract Firefox saved passwords. Follow the steps to Extract Password from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Select the Tools option from the Menu bar and Select Options as shown below.
  2. extract saved password from mozilla firefox

  3. An Option window pops up. Select The Security tab and Select the Saved Password Button as shown.
  4. saved password from firefox

  5. You get a new Password window showing all the Email ID that can be used to extract Saved Password from Browser.
  6. Select the Show password to point out all the passwords that you have accessed.
  7. show password

How to Extract Saved password from Opera Browser

This method to extract saved password from Opera Browser is identical to the above mentioned technique of Google Chrome. Follow the steps to extract saved password from browser:

  1. Open your Opera Browser. On the highest left corner you'll notice a red colored icon specifically Opera. Click the icon
  2. extract saved password from opera browser

  3. A drop down menu appears. Select the Settings option and a new window will appear.
  4. Select the Privacy and Security Tab and choose Manage saved Passwords.
  5. extract saved password from opera browser

    extract saved password from opera

  6. You will get the following screen. Choose the password to show all the saved hidden password by the browser.
  7. save password

  8. Now you can read and extract saved password from browser. Click on Show password.
  9. show password

  10. Enter your credentials for windows and you'll see the password.
  11. show opera password

How to Extract Saved password from Macintosh Safari

You can extract or retrieve saved password from Safari (browser for Mac OS) almost like the above mentioned ways however the procedure differs. Follow these ways to extract saved password from browser:

  1. Go to Safari and select Preferences from the drop down choices
  2. extract saved password from safari

  3. Select the password icon. This will show all the password as asterisk sign. To reveal all the passwords. Select the websites and Choose Show Password for selected Websites.
  4. This will extract saved Password from Safari that had been saved while browsing.
  5. extract saved password

Conclusion – Extract Saved Password from Browser

According to my opinion, it is an efficient method for users to extract web browser passwords in times of needs like you have forgotten your password, and you don’t wish to follow all the forgotten password technique. This methodology might be harmful also, because anybody who is aware of it can access all of your passwords that are saved in your browser.

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