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Problem - How do I import contacts into

A query that bothers a plenty of Outlook users. Users are easily able to import calendars and mail to but are unable to import contacts into Moreover, it is easy for end users to synchronize their calendars and mails into Outlook but difficult to synchronize their contacts into Outlook on web. When they try to do so then an error message box appears indicating that operation cannot be completed.

Figure Represents the Error Message Box

Solution to the Problem

User does not have to worry about transferring there contacts into Two methods by which, users can easily import contacts into are shared below:

cannot import contacts into outlook

Figure Represents the Error Message Box

Solution 1: Transferring Contacts Using Manual Procedure

User can import their data into Outlook on web using the inbuilt functions of Outlook Account. End user can perform transferring of contacts, which are in CSV or PST file format.

  1. When Contacts are in CSV File Format

When contacts are in CSV file then simplest way is to import contacts using inbuilt functions, without any interference of Outlook application as a mediator. Follow the following steps for moving the contacts:

  1. Enter the Email address or phone number for your account and Password of your Microsoft account on, to login into your profile.
  2. On the top left corner, click on the icon and then select People option from the menu.

  3. Now on the page displayed select on Start Import option.

  4. An Import contacts page will open in front of you. From that page, select Other option.

  5. Now click Browse to attach the CSV file and then click on Upload.

  6. After the uploading procedure has completed, a notification box is showed indicating that the transfer of data has successfully completed.

  • b.   When Contacts are in PST File Format

When the file format of contacts is PST then the method require configuration from Outlook, then selecting the file and moving the contacts to

Limitations of Manual Procedure

  1. Long and Troublesome Procedure: Configuring the account, copying or moving the contacts, selection of contacts, etc., is a quite long procedure to transfer contacts into

  2. Requires Fast Internet Connection: To import a large number of contacts, user should have an uninterrupted internet connection. In case of a slow connection, it would take more than a day to transfer the contacts.

  3. Error Handling by Technical Expertise: While user is archiving their contacts at that time if some error occurs then they will have to contact a technical expert for resolving their issues.

  4. Require Outlook Credentials to Login: The procedure requires the user’s id and password to login into their account for transferring their contacts into

Solution 2: Transferring Contacts Using Commercial Software

Additional software involves moving of contacts using third party software, which are available on web market. Such softwares are developed with mission of importing contacts into in a flawless manner without any trouble. One such software is vCard Importer, which enables end users to import contacts into Outlook in a trouble-free manner without any error and any technical expertise.

vCard Importer imports contacts to Outlook providing multiple options for moving their contacts without any limitations in number of contacts.

Download vCard Importer

Advantages of vCard Importer Software

  1. Import within Few Steps: The software transfers contacts within just few steps by just clicking and following commands and rest work is done software itself.

  2. Attractive User Interface: The designing of the product is so interactive that user will not require any second entity to work with the software. They will alone be able to work with the software and import contacts in Outlook.

  3. Generate Process Summary: When the process begins, the software start generating a process report, which includes the target and destination path details and other details too.

  4. Enable Batch Contacts Import: At the time of selecting the contacts (For transferring to Outlook), the tools enables its users to select multiple contacts at one time. They may select multiple contacts in one time and then import them without any data interruption.


It is relevant to use third party tool to import contacts into It is not that the manual procedure can’t import contacts into but the problem is that it is too complex and lengthy for every user to fall through the procedure. Therefore, the only best procedure is to use commercial tools for importing the contacts from Outlook on desktop to without much to do from the user’s end.

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