Cushiest Ways to Transfer LinkedIn Connections into Outlook CSV Format

extract linkedin contacts into outlook

LinkedIn is today’s largest professional network for recruiters and seekers of employment. Every one use to have a professional profile virtually over LinkedIn and yes indeed it shows how to and helps too on building your professional connection over internet. As talking about professional network we have professional and highly confidential and important contacts over LinkedIn which we used to say as connections too.

The article is hereby explains the procedure for how to get LinkedIn contacts into Outlook by extract/import operation.

Extract LinkedIn Contacts into Outlook

Question raises that why one is adding LinkedIn contacts to Outlook? What is the need and requirement and benefit from this LinkedIn connection into Outlook extraction.

So let me tell you that LinkedIn provide number of options either to follow that connection or to direct sent email from LinkedIn application on some cost of i.e., after buying premium LinkedIn account as professionals do. But why to do extra work when you can get LinkedIn contacts into Outlook at such ease and can sent email to them with free of cost too. There is an easy hack described to you for extracting LinkedIn contacts and then later import LinkedIn contacts to Outlook. Check out the below article for more information about LinkedIn connection export / import.

How To Extract Contacts From LinkedIn

Before explaining you the steps for contacts extraction LinkedIn to Outlook, the important point to be noted here is that you must have Microsoft Outlook installed at your system to deploy LinkedIn contacts.

Later do follow these steps for complete LinkedIn connections to Outlook extraction procedure.

  • Open your Web browser
  • Type URL –
  • Provide your credentials and login to your LinkedIn account.
  • You can see the menu options containing Home | Profile | My Network etc.
  • extract LinkedIn contacts to Outlook

  • By clicking on My Network option you can see drop-down menu consisting Connections as a sub-option over there.
  • Click on my connections, a screen with all your LinkedIn contacts listed in front of you.
  • LinkedIn contacts

  • Now click on the gear icon highlighted to start the next procedure which extract LinkedIn contacts to PST file.
  • After clicking on the gear icon you can see a panel with options like Sync, and other options too but here we have to focus on the Advanced Settings option.
  • Inside the Advanced Settings options click on the highlighted text “Export LinkedIn Connections”.
  • export LinkedIn contacts

  • Once you click on the Export LinkedIn Connection option, you will be redirected to next page asking about in which format you want to export LinkedIn contacts.
  • As here we are talking about ways to extract LinkedIn contacts into Outlook PST, so we choose Microsoft Outlook (.csv) format supported for contact file.
  • After ensuring the CSV format for exporting LinkedIn contacts, click on Export to start the process.
  • LinkedIn contacts

  • Now a security verification pop-up will seen by user, enter the CAPTCHA code and click on next.
  • Now a box will appear named as “Opening LinkedIn_connections_export_microsoft_Outlook.csv”. You have to save the file by clicking save radio button in your local hard disk.
  • LinkedIn exported into csv

  • Now your LinkedIn contacts are extracted from your profile to Outlook successfully.
  • If you have any issue about how to extract LinkedIn contacts to Outlook then you can expand the option for guidelines to export into Microsoft Outlook mentioned in step 12.
  • Here the step ends for extracting LinkedIn contacts to Outlook.

Now if user is new to Outlook or may be if user is facing some issue on importing LinkedIn contacts into Outlook then the next section will briefly define how to add LinkedIn contacts to Outlook.

Add LinkedIn Contacts to Outlook: Import Procedure

After saving LinkedIn contacts into CSV format now the next task is to access them into Outlook. The below section will make it clear for how to import LinkedIn contacts into Outlook.

Well Before heading to the steps let me clear you again that for importing LinkedIn contacts to Outlook you must have MS Outlook email client pre-installed & properly configured at your Local system. (Desktop)

Now the steps for importing LinkedIn contact into Outlook are as follows:-

  • First Sign In to your Outlook Account.
  • Now open your contacts folder inside Outlook Left Pane.
  • Note that if you have contacts in your Outlook account then do not override them or merge them, instead of create new contact.
  • If you don’t have any Outlook contacts then again double click the tab > then click Add a New Contact.
  • The action will open up a new Contact Data file.
  • Inside the File Tab > Click on Open > Click Import Option.
  • import LinkedIn contacts to Outlook

  • After clicking on import option a window with Import / Export option will appear named as Import and Export Wizard.
  • You can see number of options there, select “Import From another Program or file” only. Click next for further process.
  • import / export LinkedIn contacts

  • On clicking next you saw options of different file formats to export LinkedIn contacts into. Choose Comma Separated Values (csv) format for Windows and proceed next
  • import LinkedIn contacts in csv format

  • It will ask for your file location which one is going to be converters into Outlook contact file. Now locate your LinkedIn extracted contact file’s location.
  • You will see a panel with your LinkedIn contacts file.csv, now click finish to end the procedure of adding LinkedIn connection to Outlook contact folder.
  • add LinkedIn connections

  • Note:- Must select the contact folder after clicking finish option in previous step. As then your contacts will get imported inside Outlook contact folder and this will make it easy to access LinkedIn contacts into Outlook.
  • save LinkedIn contacts

  • Now after clicking on Next, all your LinkedIn contacts get transferred into Outlook.
  • transfer LinkedIn contacts to Outlook

  • And finally your LinkedIn contacts are successfully extracted and imported into Outlook Contact folder. Enjoy accessing LinkedIn connection into Outlook.

Concluding LinkedIn Contacts Extractor

Hence this article will enlarge your knowledge about how to extract LinkedIn contacts to Outlook and later how to add LinkedIn contacts into PST file. Well this is the simplest procedure includes no undependable third party tool and gives 100% outcome.

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